Fertilising hedge plants: to fertilise or not to fertilise?


Skal man gøde eller ikke gøde hækplanter? Det er et af de spørgsmål, som vores kunder stiller os. Svaret er: Gødning af din hæk er et must. Hvorfor gøde? Hvilken...

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How to make your garden sustainable?


Lately there has been a lot of talk about sustainability and the environment. We all need to live more sustainably and energy efficiently. That is a fact. There are many ways...

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What do you do with your hedge plants when it's dry for a long time?


Dry. That's how incredibly dry it was the last few summers. Not good for people, animals and plants. The damage to plants was in most cases most obvious. No water, no life and...

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Hedging plants are more than a great way to fence off your garden


For years and years hedge plants have been used for fencing off gardens. Between the neighbor's garden and your own. Between the street and your own domain. Just to indicate:...

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Hedge plants that bloom: a beautiful sight


There is nothing more beautiful than flowering hedge plants in your garden in spring and summer, right? Ideally, you'd like to enjoy them even longer. But the fact is that...

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