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Hedging plants are more than a great way to fence off your garden


For years and years hedge plants have been used for fencing off gardens. Between the neighbor's garden and your own. Between the street and your own domain. Just to indicate:...

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Hedge plants that bloom: a beautiful sight


There is nothing more beautiful than flowering hedge plants in your garden in spring and summer, right? Ideally, you'd like to enjoy them even longer. But the fact is that...

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Hedge plants should best be pruned in the spring


Pruning is not necessary. You can just let hedge plants grow, without pruning. But whether that gives the best result, is still to be seen. On the other hand, everybody has...

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Hedgeplants offer privacy and protection


Whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine, relaxing on a lounger on the lawn or are having a barbecue with friends, you don't want to be seen by people on the street or...

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TIPS - How often do you water new plants, and how much water is enough?


Just imagine the following: you bought new plants and spent a whole weekend making sure they are properly distributed and planted in your garden. They are looking beautiful....

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