Hedge plants in summer


Summer is here again. At last! We can start enjoying the sunshine and the long evenings together as usual. We spend a lot more time outdoors during the summer. If possible, we...

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Which garden tools do you use for hedge plants?


You've just got a garden and your hedge plants are on their way. So now what? What should and can you do to prepare your garden for the hedge? Especially in terms of garden...

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Osmanthus Burkwoodii: an asset for your garden


There’s high hedges, low hedges and hedges in between. The Osmanthus Burkwoodii is a hedge plant that’s right in the middle. It normally does not grow higher than 1.50...

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Spring is almost here. Which hedge plants to pick?


Spring is coming. What could be better than having your fingers in the garden soil. And your head in a new hedge. Right? Fortunately, spring is a great time to plant a hedge....

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Which hedge plants can be propagated?


You know the feeling: you're so pleased with that beautiful hedge in your garden that you'd like to have even more of it. So why buy new hedge plants or sow them when you can...

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