Protecting Mediterranean plants over winter


Mediterranean plants evoke images of sunny places and nice, warm weather. The last thing you’d think about are cold winter days! That said, many gardens contain...

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Getting your garden winter-ready in the autumn


We’re now in the middle of autumn, but it’s already time to think about winter. Especially when it comes to gardening. It's time to get your garden ready for winter....

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A hedge full of life: bird-friendly hedges in your garden


Hedge plants are ideal for use as a garden fence. They give you lots of privacy and create a beautiful, green border for your garden at the same time. This makes a hedge the...

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The history of hedgeplants


Hedgeplants have been around for centuries. It seems as if they have always been there. We want to take a moment to explore the history of hedges. Here we explore what all the...

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Transform your garden into a tropical paradise


Life is becoming more and more expensive, so jetting off to a tropical resort isn’t always an option. One solution is to transform your own garden into a tropical oasis so...

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