How to successfully transplant your beech hedge?


There he stands, in the garden. Your beech hedge. Colossal in length and width. It seemed to be the perfect spot for the Fagus Sylvatica or Green Beech, as the hedge plants...

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Create the most beautiful Christmas decorations from your own hedge plants


Hedge plants are always a good idea in your garden. They are beautiful, give off a nice fragrance, attract birds and other animals, provide privacy and keep out wind and...

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If you don't want bare hedge plants, choose leafy hedges.


In the winter months, we’re all indoors a bit more than outdoors. So it doesn't really matter whether your hedge is blooming or not. But we can also well imagine that you...

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Fertilising hedge plants: to fertilise or not to fertilise?


Skal man gøde eller ikke gøde hækplanter? Det er et af de spørgsmål, som vores kunder stiller os. Svaret er: Gødning af din hæk er et must. Hvorfor gøde? Hvilken...

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How to make your garden sustainable?


Lately there has been a lot of talk about sustainability and the environment. We all need to live more sustainably and energy efficiently. That is a fact. There are many ways...

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