BREXIT UPDATE: Due to the Brexit, we are unfortunately unable to deliver at this time. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Delivery of plants

Our plants are delivered by transporters who specialize in the transportation of pallets with live plants to individuals. As such, the plants arrive fresh.

The plants are first sent to a central point and then to the depot. For there, they are delivered to individual homes.

We ensure that our plants reach our customer on the expected delivery date, which will be just before the weekend in the chosen delivery week. You don’t necessarily need to be at home, you don’t need to a day off. The plants will be placed on your driveway.

Since our plants are delivered with a delivered with a small truck, your terrain must be good enough for the truck to pass.

We transport plants on pallets or in pallet boxes. Before the plants leave our nurseries, they are watered thoroughly. The pallets will remain in your home after delivery without paying any extra charges.

We deliver plants only from Wednesday to Friday. You can choose the delivery week you want the plants to be delivered.