Planting hedges can be difficult, but we are here to make it easy for you. With every order, we give good advice on how to plant a hedge

Our plants are usually delivered with the root ball wrapped in a cloth. As such, you must treat the plant with care; otherwise, you may damage the roots. You don’t have to remove the cloth when planting. It will rot slowly in the ground.

You can plant our hedge plants from September to the end of May, but not when it’s freezing. For plants that we deliver in pots, you can plant them anytime except when it’s freezing.

  • Planting starts with digging a trench about two times the width and 1 or 2 cm taller than the root ball.
  • Loosen soil and mix in 3cm of potting soil. This helps the plants to establish quickly
  • Then place the plant in the trench and backfill with a mixture of compost and garden soil
  • The root ball must be about 2cm below the ground surface. If you are planting in an area with heavy soil such as Clay soil, you can fill the rest of the trench with potting soil

For the plants to grow well, you need to create a pouring edge, which is basically a border of sand around a hedge. When you water the plant, the water stays in this tray.

Water the plants thoroughly after planting so that the plants can establish quickly. However, if the ground is too wet, then you should give very little water.

Remove any weed around the hedge. This will reduce competition for nutrients and the hedge plants will grow nicely. You can actually add mulch to prevent weed growth