You may find it difficult to plant and care for plants and trees.

We get that. That’s why we’ve produced instructions for every type of plant, which we send out with every order. These explain in a simple and step-by-step way how you should care for your new plants.

If you follow the instructions exactly, the risk of failure or of a plant dying are extremely small and your plants will start growing and flowering. That’s the feedback we get from so many of our customers. Moreover, you also receive a growth guarantee from us. This means that your plant will take root properly within one month and will have started growing.

Of course, there is always a possibility that a plant will die or that it doesn’t grow as it should. If that happens, feel free to contact our customer services straight away and they’ll assist you in your own language. One of our employees will offer advice on the best plant care. They can usually resolve your issues quickly. If that doesn’t happen, please send us an e-mail with up-to-date photos of your plant(s). Our customer services will find a solution within two working days.

If you have questions about the guarantee or if you want to report a complaint, please contact our customer services on +44 (0) 203 455 22 48 or