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Our Nursery

Hedge Plants Heijnen was founded by the Heijnen family in 1976. For three generations, the nursery has been providing high quality plants for hedging.

By blending our experience, solidarity and commitment to meet quality requirements, we are able to grow beautiful hedge plants which our customers can easily grow on their gardens.

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Owner of the nursery: Ramon Heijnen

Our nursery is located in the quiet village of Roggel, situated in the south of the Netherlands near the German border.  Our nursery is about 8.5 hectares and through breeding and cooperation with other nurseries, we grow high quality plants.

In addition, we offer extra services such as good delivery and a guide on how to plant and care for you hedge plants. We have a wide range of clients, including private clients and gardeners.

We sell our plants throughout the UK. We have made this possible through a transport network where we are connected. This makes it a lot easier to transport plants to our clients’ homes quickly.

We only have four employees working in the nursery-father, son and few more employees. Since we have only a few people working on the nursery, we ensure that our clients get high quality plants. We are very much connected to everything that happens in our nursery. The main advantage of this is that every worker is able to focus on the nursery. We are able to see every plant growing and we can control and contribute to their growth.

Hedge Plants Heijnen only provides quality plants by combining passion and solidarity of the employees with commitment to ensure that quality requirements are met.

We also do many things that other nurseries don’t do. We transplant, cut and undercut the plants on a regular basis. This way, the plants get better root balls and grow well. Thus the chance of failure is greatly reduced.