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Quality of Our Products

We have more than 50 years of experience in breeding and growing high quality plants for hedging.

We have developed our own strict quality standards and we only plant from the best species. As such, we only provide gardeners with top quality plants.

How we ensure quality in our hedge plants

We do that by giving each plant more attention. With only four employees on the team, everyone is involved in each phase. We plant together, transplant and cut our plants a few times a year. We believe the root ball is the most important part of a plant and we spend more time on it. This is basically what gives us an edge over other nurseries. Since we don’t have all plants in our nursery, we cooperate with other nurseries that believe in providing the same quality of hedge plants.

Our goal is to ensure that your hedge stands out for as long as you want it to last in your garden. When you look at our photos, you will get the correct impression of our hedge plants. We also believe that transport is very important. Our plants are supplied by transporters who specialize in the transportation of pallets to individual clients. As such, the plants always arrive fresh

What makes us different?

  • Our plants have a good root system because we transplant, trim and undercut the plants several times a year and use the right amount of fertilizer
  • All plants are personally selected and judged on quality
  • Our plants meet strict quality requirements and are certified
  • All plants are fresh from the ground and not stored
  • We give more attention to all hedging plants