Our plant and tree quality

Hedgeplants Heijnen has been in business since 1976.

This means we have a wealth of experience in growing high-quality hedging plants and Mediterranean plants and trees. We developed our own quality standards over the years and always go for the highest feasible quality. That’s why our plants are selected by a quality jury and receive a certificate.

We give our plants and trees so much extra care and attention – much more than most other growers. We plant, replant, prune, and undercut (cutting the roots beneath the root ball so that the plant creates new roots and ultimately has a fuller and enhanced root system) our plants regularly. The root ball, the most important part of the plant, gets the most attention. The extra work we carry out, the cutting we do as standard, and our precise use of the right amount of fertilizer, all ensure that our plants develop a good root system. And that’s something you’ll definitely notice when the plant is in your garden.

Place an order with us and we’ll dig up your plants and ship these to you straight away. At least, once the plants have passed our quality control. If they pass the test, transporters specialized in horticultural plant transport will deliver them to you quickly, so you can start enjoying our beautiful plants in your garden.

You can book a time easily via our order system. You can place your order in no time, and it won’t be long before we arrive at your door.

Do you have any questions or do you need assistance? Please contact our customer services on +44 (0) 203 455 22 48 or info@hedgeplants-heijnen.co.uk.