Like humans, plants need more water when it’s hot and less water when it’s cold. That’s why it is difficult to pinpoint how much water a plant needs. However, through experience and years of study, we have come up with some tips on when to water your hedge plants.

Water when planting

Water the plants deeply after planting. This is important in giving the plants good foundation to establish. However, if the ground is too wet, you don’t have to add more water

Watering 10 weeks after planting-for those who plant in autumn

It is necessary that you water the plants deeply during the first few weeks after planting. Water once every two weeks. If it rains a lot and the soil becomes too wet, then you don’t need to add extra water.

Watering 10 weeks after planting-for those who plant in spring

The plant will need more water when you plant in spring than in fall. As such, we recommend watering once a week.

Watering in winter

Many people don’t water their plants in winter; however, if it has not rained a lot, then you will want water before the ground starts freezing. This is important in ensuring that the plant doesn’t dry out during the cold season

Watering in summer

Summer months are usually very hot. As such, the plants need more water. If it is too hot, we recommend watering deeply once per 3 days. This allows the hedge plants to make the most from the sunlight, heat and water to form a beautiful hedge

General information

Here are some general tips you should know:

  • Water after planting and in dry seasons
  • Water in the evening to reduce evaporation of water from the soil
  • Make a pouring edge so that the water doesn’t go to waste
  • Also keep in mind the find that plants don’t grow well in damp soils