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Prunus Laurocerasus 'Otto Luyken'

Laurel Otto Luyken is a compact species of laurel hedge plants. It has narrow, glossy, dark-green foliage and is suitable for low growing. This broad-leaved cherry laurel grows well in all types of soil and can grow both in the shade and sun.


Laurel Otto Luyken

The plant grows until about 1 meter, which makes it a great hedge plant for delicate low hedges such as in your front yard. The plant produces white, fragrant flowers in spring, followed by a second flower in autumn, after which berries form on the large cherry orchard. Being a slow-growing plant, Laurel Otto Luyken only needs to be pruned once a year.

Growing Laurel Otto Luyken

Laurel Otto Luyken has striking leaves which are always characterized by laurel hedging plants. Because of the look of its leaves, Laurel Otto Luyken has a trait that is more informal than the radiance you would expect from the most evergreen hedge plants.

Why you should grow Laurel Otto Luyken

Here are reasons why you should grow this shrub as your hedge plant:

  • It has a dense growing habit
  • Its evergreen foliage makes it ideal for all-year round interest
  • Grows well in the toughest positions
  • Perfect for privacy and screening purposes while protecting your garden from wind and noise pollution
  • This variety of cherry laurel looks as beautiful as the large varieties
  • Ideal for smaller gardens as well as delicate, low hedges such as in front of your yard
  • With a slow-growing rate of 10 to 20cm, you don’t need to worry about the planting growing out of shape
  • It is easier to maintain yet very decorative
  • Creates an attractive formal specimen and can be used for a more natural, bushy hedge
  • The shiny black-berries produced by the plant in autumn is popular with birds
  • It is hardy and good for all situations
  • Ideal plant for coastal positions and winy sites

It flowers twice, which is good for people who are looking to add a striking look on their gardens

Where to grow

Laurel Otto Luyken grows well in moist, well-drained and moderately fertile soil in full sun or partial shade. It has a spreading habit which makes it ideal for low hedges as well as massed planting; however, it may become chlorotic on shallow, poorer chalky soils

How to plant

Laurel Otto Luyken must be grown properly to ensure that they establish quickly and can achieve a growth rate of 10-20cm per year. Follow these simple steps to plant this shrub properly:

  1. Prepare the planting area by removing grass and other weeds using a fork (or a organic weedkiller). If you are going to use a weedkiller, you will want to apply it a few weeks before planting
  2. Dig a trench twice the width and same height as the clock. Loosen the soil at the bottom of the trench and mix in some manure. This will make it easy for the roots to penetrate the soil and establish quickly
  3. You may also want to mix some soil from the trench with manure. This manure will help the plant to grow into a healthy hedge
  4. Gently place the clod in the trench and ensure that top of the clod is on the same level as the ground surface. In other words, the clod should not protrude above the ground surface
  5. Fill back the mixture of soil and manure into the trench as you firm with your hand as you go
  6. Backfill the rest of the soil and ensure that the trench is full to the brink
  7. Water the plant thoroughly during the first growing season


The leaves of Laurel Otto Luyken should not be consumed as they are poisonous

Being a slow-growing plant, you only need to prune it once a year

The plant should not be grown in waterlogged soils

Ideal for small gardens


This plant should be spaced just like other Cherry Laurel. In this case, two to three plants per meter. At this distance, the plant will grow into a compact hedge that will provide just the right amount of privacy

Care & Advice

Laurel Otto Luyken is a broadleaf evergreen grown throughout the U.S.  Aside from being used as a hedge, it can also be used as a street tree or shade tree. This plant is native to Europe and Iran and attracts a wide range of bird species of birds to your garden.

  • Plant Laurel Otto Luyken in well-drained soil, in full sun or partial shade, Areas with ample shade provide protection in hot areas
  • Water the plants every week to a depth of 25-30cm during the first growing season. And after the plant is well-established, you only need to water the plant during dry seasons
  • Spread a 5-8cm layer of organic mulch around the hedge plant. You can use pine needles, shredded leaves, or wood chips to keep the roots cool during dry season
  • Feed the plant with a slow-release fertilizer in early spring before new growth. Remove leaves around the base of the plant before applying fertilizer
  • Prune the plants in early spring or late winter to maintain it size, remove decaying or dead branches and promote new growth. Experts recommend selectively pruning the plant with hand pruners

Should I buy Laurel Otto Luyken for hedging?

Laurel Otto Luyken is one of the best hedging plants; especially if you want to create a compact hedge. In addition, it has a dense growing habit and its evergreen foliage is ideal for all-year round interest. With a growth rate of 10-20cm per year, you don’t have to worry about pruning these shrubs. Actually, you only need to prune them once a year (that’s if you really have to prune them).

In addition, the evergreen shrubs can grow in the toughest positions and their shiny black fruits attract wildlife, making it ideal for people who love Mother Nature and what it has to offer. With its compact nature, this hedging plant can offer just the right amount of privacy and protection against wind and pollution.