Packaged with love,
for you!


Surprisingly sustainable!

  • Made from FSC-certified cardboard
  • Completely plastic-free
  • Fully recyclable

On its way, and well cared for!


Just before departure, we water the plants sufficiently so that they do not dry out during transport.

Delivered with love


After delivery, remove the plants from their packaging and water them as needed.
Tips on planting

Packaged with love, for you!

Our unique plant packaging

If we are proud of anything at Heijnen Plants, it is our plant packaging. We have developed our own unique way of packaging our 9x9 cm potted plants. After years of continued development and research, we managed to create packaging that allows plants to be delivered to your home undamaged and quickly through a parcel service. This makes us unique!

Shipment of the plants

Our plants are delivered by carriers specialising in pallet and package transport. This way, we ensure that you get fresh plants and fast delivery.

The plants are transported from the nurseries to a central point and from there to the depot. From the depot, they are delivered directly to our customers.

Pallet shipments

We deliver the plants by (small) delivery van in the delivery week you selected. The exact delivery day and time is not fixed. It will be between Tuesday to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. To ensure that the plants are high-quality and that they are delivered to you in optimal condition, the plants remain in the nursery as long as possible. During order picking, they are thoroughly checked for quality once more. The plants are then carefully packaged to protect them during transportation.

You do not necessarily have to be at home for the delivery of the plants and so you don't need to take a day off work. If you are not at home, the plants will be placed in a suitable spot around your house or driveway.

We transport plants on pallets or in pallet boxes. Before leaving the nurseries, the plants are given plenty of water so that they do not dry out during transport. We will leave the pallets at your home without charge.

Package shipments

As soon as your order reaches us, we make sure that it can be included in the next transport. Typically, this is between 1 and 5 business days following receipt of payment. When your plants are ready for shipment, you will receive an email from us with a track & trace code that states the exact date and time. Under normal circumstances, delivery will take place the next business day. Orders prepared for shipment on Friday are usually delivered on Saturday.

Packaging and preparing the plants for shipment is done as close to departure as possible, so as to keep the plants in top condition. We ship the plants sufficiently watered so that they do not dry out during transport. Even delays do not have a negative impact on the plants because of our method of packaging. We prefer a somewhat 'dry(er)' soil rather than it being too wet, since the plants hardly lose any moisture in the packaging. So drying out is not a concern!

On the day of delivery itself, you will receive an email in the morning (check your spam box) about the time of delivery. You will then know within a one-hour window (for example, between 10.00 am and 11.00 am) when your order will be delivered. If you will not be home at the specified delivery time, follow the instructions in the email from our delivery company. This offers you the option to:

  • change the delivery address or day of delivery;
  • have the package delivered to a collection point near you; or
  • give drop-off permission (e.g. under the carport or by the front door)

In short, there are plenty of options to get your plants to your home as soon as possible. Once the plants are delivered, it is best to take them out of the packaging immediately, to allow them to 'breathe'. Water the plants as needed. For tips on planting, see our planting instructions page.


Please note that during busy periods or due to other unforeseen circumstances, your delivery may be delayed. In such cases, your order will be delivered to you the following business day. We will always notify you of this in a timely manner.



The method of packaging depends on the quantity of plants you order and the size of the tree or plant. With almost 50 years of growing experience, Heijnen Plants knows better than anyone how to package plants, taking into account 100% preservation of quality combined with the most economical transport possible. This allows the plants to be stacked without any loss of quality.

See below how we package our plants so you know what to expect.

Heijnen Plants customer
24 November 2023
Really good plants with multiple stems. Well packed and in good condition - but do as they say and unpack immediately. Planted, have made an instant dense screen.
Heijnen Plants customer
27 October 2023
I was impressed with their follow up and communication. The plants arrived in very good condition.
Heijnen Plants customer
24 March 2023
Really healthy plants, well packed and arrived when we expected them!
Heijnen Plants customer
17 January 2024
I was impressed with their follow up and communication. The plants arrived in very good condition.