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Thuja Occidentalis Brabant

Thuja Occidentalis Brabant

Thuja Occidentalis Brabant is an excellent choice for hedging.

This evergreen conifer forms an attractive, dense, pyramid shape. Its light, yellowish-green flora has a slight bronze tinge in autumn and maintains fantastic color stability during winter.

The plant has a dense growth habit which makes it ideal for reducing noise as it quickly forms a thick hedge when planted 2 to 3 plants per meter. It is also a fast-growing species that displays up to 60cm of new growth every year.

Growing Thuja Occidentalis Brabant

Thuja Occidentalis Brabant can be planted throughout the year as long as the ground is not waterlogged or frozen. However, it is best to plant them in winter or later autumn. During summer we only deliver them in pots.

Why you should grow a Thuja Occidentalis Brabant hedge

Thuja Brabant has many benefits and features that make it the ideal hedging plant. Here are a few reasons why you should choose this plant:

  • Easy to grow
  • Makes a terrific windbreak or hedge
  • Maintains its evergreen color throughout the year, making an excellent habitat for wildlife as well as a point of interest in your garden
  • Thuja occidentalis Brabant grows well in all types of soils, except soils with poor drainage
  • It also grows fast, making it the best plant for people who want to create a quick hedge
  • Provide all-year round cover to your home
  • Makes a great nesting site for the birds
  • It is also known to be the most shade tolerant conifer

Where to grow

Thuja Occidentalis Brabant makes a beautiful addition or specimen to a mixed border. The privacy plants prefer average, well-drain soil in either full sun or partial shade. It can tolerate a wide range of soils but does well in moist, neutral or alkaline ones.

Thuja Occidentalis Brabant also needs decent draining; therefore, avoid planting them in very heavy clay soul; otherwise, they will drown.

How to plant Thuja Occidentalis Brabant

If Thuja Occidentalis Brabant is grown in optimal conditions, it will establish and grow fast. Here are the steps you need to follow when planting Thuja Occidentalis Brabant:

  1. Water the plant thoroughly and choose a suitable planting area for the plant
  2. Prepare the planting area by digging a trench about two times the width of the plant’s clod.
  3. Dig compost manure into the base of the trench
  4. Place the clod in the trench, with the top of the clod about 1 or 2 cm deeper as the ground.
  5. Backfill the trench with a mixture of compost and mature, firming around the root system as you go
  6. Thoroughly water the planting area. Give the water some time to drain and add water the soil again
  7. Spread a thin layer of mulch over the planting areas and pull the mulch a five-centimeter from the trunk to avoid rot
  8. Water the new plant every three days for the first two months. Once the plant has established, water ice a week during the dry season


  • For a beautiful, thick hedge, plant 2 to 3 Thuja Occidentalis Brabant plants per meter.
  • Grow the plants as soon as they arrive to ensure maximum growth
  • Avoid cutting wood as doing so will damage the plant

Care & Advice

Despite being a low-maintenance plant, it still needs some attention. Here are a few tips for caring for Thuja Occidentalis Brabant plants:

  • Pruning
    The plant’s dense foliage provides enough privacy and it is an attractive addition to your landscape at the same time. These hedging plants take on a beautiful shape even without pruning. If you have to prune the plant, then do so once a year and keep these factors in mind: Prune Thuja Occidentalis Brabant in fall or early winter. If you prune the plant in summer, the tip may turn brown. Don’t remove more than a quarter of the plant’s crown in a season. Basically, the plant’s main side branches should be about 1/3 smaller than the diameter of the main trunk.
  • Watering
    Water the thuja tree deeply. The soil around it should be covered and kept moist. Apply mulch of an organic material to the planting area to reduce evaporation.
  • Fertilizer
    Thuja Occidentalis Brabant needs regular feeding to stimulate growth. Apply balanced fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season.

Potential threats

Water the plant during times of drought, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, so don’t overwater the plant.  You will also need to protect young plants from deer. In this case, you will want to consider using a Tubex tree shelter to protect the plants. Pests and disease is another threat affecting this privacy bushes. Bagworms are often attracted to this plant but can be controlled by applying a biological pesticide or removed by hand. Root rot may occur when the plant is receiving too much water. The best way to remedy this situation is to increase drainage in the planting area. Waterlogged soils may also cause honey fungus. This is the most destructive fungus in the UK, and unfortunately, the only way to solve this condition is evacuation and burning the affected plant material. Make sure that you extract roots and stumps as the rhizomorphs that develop during honey fungus infestation won’t survive in the soil when it is detached from the infested material.


  • Maintains evergreen color all-year round
  • Easy to grow
  • It's shade tolerant
  • Fast growing
  • Makes a terrific hedge
  • Low maintenance
  • Always freshly dug up
  • Personal Advice
  • High customer satisfaction ratings

Should I buy Thuja Occidentalis Brabant plants for hedging?

Thuja Occidentalis Brabant is one of the best plants you can use for hedging. The plant maintains its evergreen color all-year round. Most importantly, it can grow on all types of soils, except waterlogged soils. It is however essential that you feed new Thuja Occidentalis Brabant plants with a balanced liquid fertilizer to stimulate growth. Also, water regularly helps the young plants to establish quickly. Being a low maintenance plant, you only need to prune once a year.

If you are looking for fresh, high quality and affordable Thuja Occidentalis Brabant hedge plants for sale, feel free to contact us today.