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Taxus Baccata David

Taxus Baccata David

Taxus Baccata David is a small, slow-growing plant with tightly packed upright leaves that form a neat column.

Its narrow green leaves have a golden colour on the edges. Since this is a male form, it doesn’t produce poisonous fruits.

Taxus Baccata David is a small version of golden Irish yew, adding color and form to your garden all-year-round.

Hedges Heijnen is an expert in hedge plants. We have many years of experience in the field and boast a large assortment of hedging plants, including the evergreen Taxus Baccata David. We have added Taxus Baccata David as a special plant in our hedging collections.

Growing Taxus Baccata David

Taxus Baccata David is an attractive evergreen plant that can grow up to a height of 180 cm in 10 years. It has beautiful shape and colour, making it ideal for large rock and compact gardens.

Why you should grow Taxus Baccata David

Taxus Baccata David is one of the best hedging plants. It has been grown for many years in the UK as it offers a wide range of features and benefits to homeowners. Here are a few reasons why you should grow the plant:

  • Forms a narrow upright column of between 5-10 meters, making it the ideal hedge plant for your long-term landscaping project
  • It can tolerate dry shade, acid and chalky soils as well as urban pollution
  • It is also a low maintenance plant, and you can easily keep them in top shape by pruning once a year
  • It can create a positive impact on the environment with its green leaves edged with gold
  • The plant can grow well in any planting site except waterlogged soils
  • The plant looks great at any height. It can be grown into a beautiful hedge or a stand-alone, but it’s ideal for hedging
  • Although Taxus Baccata David is a slow growth rate, they often make attractive hedges
  • It is also known to be a long-living species. The plant can live for so many years, making it the best plant for a long-term hedge
  • The plant is also versatile when it comes to shaping. You can trim it to almost any shape.
  • Since it is the male version, it doesn’t produce poisonous fruits which may harm your family and friends
  • The plant looks beautiful at any height, which means that you can use it in any sized garden

Where to grow

Taxus Baccata David can be planted in full sun or partial shade in narrow borders or beds. It is ideal for the gravel or rock garden. The plant also grows well in well-drained fertile soil and does well on chalk.

How to plant

When grown under optimal conditions, the Yew hedge plants will establish quickly into a healthy plant. Here are simple steps for planting a hedge from this plant:

  1. Thoroughly water the plant in its container before planting and choose a planting site with well-drained, fertile soil
  2. Prepare the planting area by digging a trench twice the width and 1 or 2 cm deeper as the root ball. Mix the soil from the trench with some peat moss or compost. This helps in enriching the soil and loosening the existing dirt to allow new roots to establish easily Excavate the trench using a shovel and ensure that the bottom is level and the sides are straight
  3. Place the plant in the trench and make sure that the top of the clod is about the level of the surrounding soil. In short, the height of the trench should be about 1-2 cm deeper  as the height of the clod.
  4. Backfill the trench with a mixture of compost and garden soil around the root ball as you spray it periodically with water. Compact the soil round the root system once the trench is completely filled
  5. Water the yew hedge plants generously and keep it well watered during the first year


  • Plant Taxus Baccata David in early spring and autumn for the best results
  • Don’t over-water the plant
  • Cover the surrounding soil with gravel or grit to protect the soil from soil splash
  • Use loam-based compost in containers and pots
  • For a precise trim on your Taxus Baccata David hedge, use a string to set up stakes at the ends of the hedge just below the top height you want for the hedge. Make sure that the string is straight and use it as a trimming guide


Plant 2 to 3 Taxus Baccata plants per meter

Care & Advice

Despite being a low-maintenance plant, there are few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Pruning
    Taxus Baccata David is a low maintenance plant. You simply need to trim your taxus baccata hedge once a year. However, when faced with an overgrowth, you can trim twice a year. You can also trim it to any shape, but ensure that the bottom of the plant receives enough sunlight. Remove diseased, broken and dead branches with a clean pruning shears
  • Pests
    Taxus Baccata David may be affected by vine weevil, scale insects, gall mites and tortrix moth. You can solve this problem by applying an insecticide recommended by an expert
  • Diseases
    The Yew tree may also be affected by Phytophthora root disease. You can treat this condition by applying a fungicide. Also continue removing infected stems or branches that you’ll find as time goes by


  • Maintains evergreen color all-year-round
  • Requires very little care
  • Creates beautiful hedges
  • Perfect plant for hedging
  • Can also be planted as a loner
  • You can pay online
  • We deliver fresh plants from the ground
  • We water thoroughly before shipping
  • We also offer advice

Should I buy Taxus Baccata David?

The best and shortest answer to this question is YES. First, the Yew plant requires little maintenance. Once the plant has established, you only need to water during hot summer months. Most importantly, you don’t need to prune every month. Just once a year is enough unless you are faced with an overgrowth. Being a male version, Taxus Baccata David doesn’t produce poisonous fruits that can be dangerous to your kids and pets. Also, it can grow well in all types of soils except poorly drained soils.

For high quality and affordable Taxus Baccata David plants for hedging, feel free to contact us today. We will provide you with fresh plants from the grounds and advice.